NEWS // March 15, 2022
Afsaneh Beschloss on Bloomberg’s Wall Street Week

RockCreek Founder and CEO Afsaneh Beschloss joined David Westin on Bloomberg’s Wall Street Week to discuss how the war in Ukraine is reframing political and economic debates about energy and could help spark the beginning of a new era.

“What the climate conversations at COP26 could not do, Ukraine and energy security will lead the US, Europe, and the developed world to start looking at energy security in a very different way,” Afsaneh said.

“Everyone is looking at oil prices, but if you look at the value of the ETFs for solar, wind, and uranium, which is looking indirectly at nuclear energy, those have gone up quite a bit too – between 10 and 20 percent since the war started. I wouldn’t say they have done quite as well as wheat or nickel or oil, but going forward they will certainly be the beneficiaries of what’s happening, not just in the US but in Europe, and moving much faster to become self sufficient and build out their energy security.”


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