Focus Areas

Energy Transition and Smart Futures
Marshalling returns that reduce risk and increase impact.

Integrating inclusion and sustainability into the whole investment lifecycle is the soundest way to generate long-term economic value. RockCreek invests globally in health, education, climate-smart renewable energy, affordable housing, and financial inclusion. To us, sustainable returns and meaningful impact are one and the same. Every investment can marshal intentional shifts for better returns, a better economy, and a better world.

Focused on the full bottom line

Doing what is good for the world and what is right for pensioners, students, workers, and future generations are one and the same. RockCreek has invested more than $8.4 billion in diverse firms, including more than $1.2 billion in Black-owned firms, more than $1.7 billion in Latino-owned firms, and more than $2.7 billion in women-owned firms since inception.