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RockCreek is a leading global investment management firm that applies data-driven technology and innovation to investing. We believe sustainability and inclusion generate long-term value. We have stable and long-term partnerships with our clients and companies and attract the best mission-oriented team. Sustainable investing extends throughout our investments, our diverse team and culture.


The More We See, the Less We Know

No wonder investors are showing signs of concern with more demand for protection against downside risks than appetite for betting on unexpected upside. Worrying news



RockCreek Insights: China

The seeds of China’s rapid economic growth were planted decades ago. How much longer – and in what form – will that growth continue?

Inclusive Culture, Shared Values

Teamwork and partnership are at the core of RockCreek’s culture. Our diversity of backgrounds and perspectives spawns fresh investment ideas. Yet we share fundamental values: respect for excellence, passion for investing, and commitment to clients.

Multi-Asset & OCIO

Our multi-asset class and OCIO teams provide comprehensive, customized capabilities for our investors to achieve their financial objectives with exceptional client service.