Internship Program

Diversity. Innovation. Impact.

Diversity. Innovation. Impact.


Exposure to top investment managers across public strategies, hedge funds, private equity, venture, and real estate

Technical training including Bloomberg terminal, AI, and machine learning

Access to RockCreek research and global economic and market-related research

Educational lectures featuring RockCreek partners, Advisory Board members, and guests

Opportunities to travel and participate in team-building activities and community service

Personalized Mentorship

RockCreek Summer Analysts are chosen based on their unique skillsets, experience, and interests. Intern cohorts are designed to bring likeminded interns together and facilitate a tailored experience. RockCreek Summer Analysts will focus on data science, data visualization, sustainability, and investments. Opportunities for high school externships are available. 

“RockCreek's internship program provides incredible opportunities to learn and contribute to interesting projects alongside motivated, knowledgeable people... The most valuable aspect of the internship was the willingness of everyone at the firm to share their experiences and act as mentors. ”

— Stuart R., 2016, 2017 Summer Analyst

“RockCreek’s Summer Analyst program sets itself apart from other programs by encouraging relationship building between the intern cohort and members of the firm through activities like bowling and baseball games, as well as organizes highly educational speakers and visits to places like The World Bank and the Federal Reserve. Mentors not only give you real-world work to do but are also very invested in your personal growth and always leave the door open for interns to ask questions about anything.”

— May T., 2016, 2017 Summer Analyst

“Coming from the non-profit, international development sector, I wanted to build my finance skillset while honing my impact investing expertise... RockCreek gave me the tools, opportunities and autonomy to accomplish my internship goals. A congenial team and accessible CEO also made the experience fun and impactful.”

— Maddy S., 2017 Summer Analyst

“I could never have imagined this (or any) internship turning out so well. The Rock Creek Group seems to start and end with its people… The diversity of people here is incredible and not likely to be replicated anywhere else, providing a level of perspective and globality that has not been lost on me. From the first day, I felt welcome and valued. ”

— Mikal N., 2017 Summer Analyst

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my time at RockCreek. Coming in to the internship I did not have an extensive finance background, so at first, I was worried about my abilities to succeed. However, this worry was soon proven needless as all the employees at RockCreek have been extremely helpful and patient with teaching me the necessary skills and guiding me in the right direction.”

— Spencer S., 2017 Summer Analyst

“As it was my first summer internship in the United States, I was not sure what to expect from the summer analyst internship at Rock Creek Group. Rock Creek Group, as an organization is based on holistic training of employees and employees wearing different hats- a cross collaborative culture and workforce... The focus of the internship was not just to get an idea of how an asset management firm works but instead to get a broader and more holistic world-view into the world of finance and other sectors that revolve around it. ”

— Ashish S., 2017 Summer Analyst

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