RockCreek CEO Talks China, Latam, and Gender-Balanced Boards on Bloomberg's "What'd You Miss"

On March 8, RockCreek Founder and CEO Afsaneh Beschloss appeared on Bloomberg TV's "What'd You Miss" to discuss opportunities in China and Latin America, and RockCreek's recent report on gender diversity in private equity and venture capital firms in emerging markets.

Beschloss said that investors in China should not be concerned with the day-to-day swings in the country’s markets and instead focus on the longer term. China continues to grow faster than many other emerging markets. Rapidly growing sectors such as STEM, healthcare, and infrastructure offer investors opportunities to capitalize on the country's growth.

Major upheavals throughout Latin American markets reinforce the need for investors to have local partners who know their markets, Beschloss said. Brazil is undergoing a major political and economic transition as the new Bolsonaro regime works to reform the country's pension system. The ongoing trade talks between Mexico and the United States are redefining the neighboring countries' relationship. Meanwhile, the power struggle in Venezuela continues to cast a shadow over the entire region as incumbent President Maduro clings to power amid blackouts and international sanctions.

Last, Beschloss highlighted the report RockCreek recently published with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation and the global consulting firm Oliver Wyman. The study of 500 private equity and venture firms in emerging markets examined the under-representation of women in senior executive roles in emerging market countries. Surprisingly, the percentage of women is such positions is greater than the percentage in developed markets. The report also found that gender-balanced firms have delivered greater investment returns than their male-only counterparts.

You can watch the full interview here


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