SBAI Roundtable: Culture Diversity in Asset Management

Alifia Doriwala (Managing Director, RockCreek) was part of an institutional investor roundtable hosted by the Standards Board for Alternative Investments that sought to answer questions on firms’ culture and how to implement and instill “good culture.” The conversation was moderated by Dame Amelia Fawcett (Chairperson, SBAI) and featured senior representatives from the Council of Institutional Investors, New York State Common Retirement Fund, Keystone Group, ManFRM, Orchard Global Management, and 100 Women in Finance.

The SBAI is a standard-setting body for the alternative investment industry and acts as custodian of the Standards. It provides a powerful mechanism for creating a framework of transparency, integrity and good governance which improves how the industry operates, facilitates investor due diligence and complements public policy. You can learn more about SBAI here


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