RockCreek Daily Market Update


Equity Markets:
US markets finished the day mixed as the Dow and S&P were flat-to-higher while the Nasdaq fell 0.5%. The Nasdaq has continued to see pressure as it finished the week down 0.3% and remains lower on a month-to-date basis by about 1.4%. Value has been outperforming recently with the Russell 3000 Value index outperforming the growth index by over 1.3% this month and the Dow (a loose proxy for value versus the Nasdaq) remains the strongest major index in the US for August at 3.1%. This strength seems surprising given the new $200B in Chinese tariffs will take affect beginning on Monday, and the large cap Dow constituents have a larger portion of sales from exports than does the S&P or Nasdaq. Elsewhere in the world markets were generally higher as Europe finished the day up around 0.8%, the Nikkei finished up 0.8%, Australia finished up 0.4%, and the Hang Seng rose 1.7%.

Bond Markets:
Yields across the developed world were flat-to-lower as the US held steady at 3.06% for the 10yr while Europe saw yields fall marginally. The US Curve steepened ever-so-slightly ahead of next week’s FOMC meeting. 

Currency Markets:
The Dollar strengthened slightly today but remains lower on the month as international markets show some signs of stability. The Turkish Lira remains the largest gainer MTD at over 4% following the rate hiker earlier this month, though it finished the day lower by over 1.5% after the government’s new three-year plan was met with disappointment.

Commodity Markets:
Crude prices were marginally higher today with WTI up about 1% and Brent up less than 20bps. Industrial Metals moved sharply higher led by copper (which rose 4%) as fears of the trade war’s potential impact continued to ease.


The macro calendar was light today, but investors are waiting on next week’s FOMC meeting where a 25bps rate hike is all but expected.

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