Rock Creek 2Q 2016 Quarterly Outlook Highlights

On August 3, Rock Creek CEO and founder Afsaneh Beschloss and Senior Advisors Dr. Alan Greenspan and Liaquat Ahamed shared their views on the global economic outlook.

In the discussion, Beschloss addressed the outlook for emerging markets, including the potential for green infrastructure investing to boost the Chinese economy. She also discussed the U.S. economy as well as oil prices, the aftermath of the U.K's "Brexit" vote, and monetary policy in Japan, the U.S. and the European Union. Greenspan painted a bleak picture of the outlook for the U.S. economy today, saying consumer spending alone can't sustain growth in the absence of stronger business investment. Ahamed believes the Federal Reserve is likely to raise interest rates sooner than investors expect, saying "We are much closer to Fed tightening than the market is discounting."

Additional highlights:

  • QE is "losing traction" in Europe and Japan and yields are close to their lower limits.
  • On Italian banks' bad loans, EU will manage to stitch together a deal that avoids imposing a haircut on bondholders.
  • Oil is likely to trade in a range of $40-$50 a barrel.


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