Betting on Growth

Rock Creek Group's CEO and founder Afsaneh Beschloss says the recent carnage, emerging markets are still an attractive investment.

Slowing global growth, uncertainty about U.S. monetary policy and a collapse in oil and commodities prices caused significant investor outflows from emerging markets in 2015. In this challenging environment, Rock Creek's long-only emerging markets equity fund continued to perform well relative to industry benchmarks, and has more than doubled the return of the MSCI EM Index since inception in 2009.

In a recent interview with Institutional Investor's Alpha magazine, CEO Afsaneh Beschloss explains why Rock Creek continues to see ample opportunities in emerging markets in 2016. Among other topics, Ms. Beschloss shares her outlook on EM volatility, addresses the heightened importance of active investing in 2016 and explains why the EM healthcare sector is poised to capture consumer-driven growth.


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