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The past week has made it clear: coronavirus is surging again in the US. Equities lost some ground last week, but markets have mostly held their nerve so far. Even before the feared “second wave” that many expect in the

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Pausing for Breath, or a Turn?

When markets collapsed mid-week, it made sense to many. Economists and investors, including those at RockCreek, have puzzled since April over a disconnect between the real world and equity markets. Lower interest rates for longer are now baked in, helping

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World Economic Forum: The Great Reset Initiative

Afsaneh Beschloss discussed rebuilding sustainable and resilient economic and social systems post-Covid at the WEF’s Rehabilitating the Global Economy virtual meeting with Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Chair of the Editorial Board at the Financial Times Gillian Tett, and

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