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RockCreek Women’s Voices Series: Thriving in Challenging Times

In honor of International Women’s Day 2021, RockCreek launched its Women’s Voices Series. The inaugural episode spotlights Managing Director Sherri Rossoff in dialogue with senior RockCreek women, offering key insights into women in the workforce, shared pandemic triumphs and challenges, and much more.

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RockCreek Insights: Women and the Economy in a Post-COVID World

“Women’s participation in the economy is more likely to be observed and understood with women leading investment research and making policy,” remarked RockCreek Senior Advisor Caroline Atkinson. She sat down with leading economists Cathy Mann, Pinelopi Goldberg, and Joyce Chang to discuss the global economy

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Forward Fumble…

The recovery is coming, but it will not be smooth. The US lockdown on March 13, 2020, left offices, schools and other public places suddenly abandoned, like the Marie Celeste. Going back to “normal” will be different. Coming sooner than

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