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World Economic Forum: The Great Reset Initiative

Afsaneh Beschloss discussed rebuilding sustainable and resilient economic and social systems post-Covid at the WEF’s Rehabilitating the Global Economy virtual meeting with Governor of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Chair of the Editorial Board at the Financial Times Gillian Tett, and

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An Uneasy World – Untroubled Markets

There seems to be just one thing that investors, policymakers and observers can agree on: we are in a time of profound uncertainty about the way forward for American society, the economy and financial markets. Watch RockCreek Founder Afsaneh Beschloss

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Whither the World?

We are seeing a split-screen moment. The successful SpaceX launch was a triumph of American innovation and ingenuity. It also signaled partnership – between public and private sectors and across national boundaries.

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